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We are wholesale distributors of professional haircare products, beauty products, fashion and toys.

The Sharp Distribution website is operated by the company Sharp Distribution, based in Bucharest. The use of the site (including access, navigation and purchase of products on this site) constitutes an implied agreement to comply with the terms and conditions set forth in this document with all effects and consequences arising therefrom.

The administrator of the site reserves the right to modify at any time the content of this agreement, without prior notice to the persons who use it, hereinafter referred to as "Users". Users will have permanent access to the terms and conditions of use of the services, in order to be able to consult them at any time.


The content of this site may not be used, reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, for purposes other than those expressly and legally permitted. The extraction of any information followed by any use for commercial purposes that goes beyond the scope of private copying regulated by law or for sale or licensing and without the prior written consent of the owners of property rights is a violation of the terms and conditions.

You also agree not to affect or interfere in any way with the security features of the site or its content.

Please make sure you have checked the product specifications and compatibility by visiting the manufacturer's page before purchasing. The commercial relations between the buyer and us are officially regulated by the Government Ordinance 130/2000, regarding the protection of consumers when concluding and executing distance contracts.

The administrator reserves the right to notify the buyer of some products about the changes made to them if the price displayed on the site is obviously incorrect. The photos on the site are informative.


In order to access and use certain sections of the website, it may be necessary to create a personal account. You hereby declare that you assume full responsibility for all and any of the activities performed through the account you open on the website and, accordingly, we advise you to ensure the security of the account password or other access data. If the security of your account is compromised, you must immediately notify the site administrator.


By using the Sharp Distribution website, the user agrees that Romanian law will govern the Terms and Conditions of Use and any dispute of any kind that may arise between users and administrators of the website or its associates / partners / affiliates. In case of possible conflicts, they will first try to resolve them amicably, and if the amicable settlement will not be possible, the conflict will be resolved in court, in accordance with the Romanian laws in force.


The administrator of Sharp Distribution may at any time and at any time chosen to modify the structure of the site, having the right to temporarily or permanently, partially or completely interrupt the services made available to the public through this website without any prior individual notice or general.


In order to register, you need to provide us with the following information: the name of the company and the person designated to represent it, the address, the Company Registration Details, the VAT number, the delivery address, the email and the telephone number. To place an order it is necessary to register on the sharp-distributin.com website.


The minimum order is 30.000 EUR without VAT. You have the option to open an order and then add products in Cart. The order is open in Cart for a maximum of 24 hours. Unfinished during this time, the order Cart is automatically canceled by the system. The goods are shipped at the moment of receiving the proforma amount in the account of Sharp Distribution.


The customer has the following options for paying for the ordered goods:

  • Online, through internet banking; please send us a copy of the transfer to the email address office@sharp-distributin.com to confirm payment and help us in the order preparation
  • It is necessary to receive the amount in the account of Sharp Distribution within a period of up to 3 working days. Otherwise, the system automatically cancels the order, and consequences might appear ( account suspension & penalties)


  • All products will be packed on euro-pallets or boxes, depending on the size of the order.
  • In the case of larger orders, in addition to sealing the boxes on the pallets, they, in turn, will be sealed with two safety measures to minimize the chances of damage to the goods.
  • Box dimensions: 40x60x40 cm
  • The whole process of packing the goods is videotaped.
  • Before delivery to the courier, Sharp Distribution will take pictures of the package, on the scale, to certify its weight. Thus, the client has the obligation to check upon receipt if the weight of the package corresponds to that in the picture.
  • At the reception, the client has the obligation to:
  • take a picture with the weight of the package (which we will require )
  • If there are weight differences and any other reasons to consider the shipment has a problem, the client has to:
  • open the present package with the courier and take a picture with the contents;
  • perform the present inventory with it.
  • For more details on the packaging method or for special requirements you can contact us by email or at the contact phone numbers.
  • Any complaint regarding the visible character of the received products will be made on the spot, in front of the courier.
  • The goods are provided by Sharp Distribution, and the client has the obligation to follow the above steps in order to be compensated.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: If failing to follow these steps (as a number of activities or timing) we will not be able to create a complaint with our Insuring partner, and we will not be able to refund any losses!


  • All products sold by Sharp Distribution are purchased only through official channels, for this reason the return of products based on non-compliance is not accepted.
  • When sending the packages, Sharp Distribution will send the customer a picture of the packaged products, as specified above.
  • The return of the products will be made only for justified reasons such as the obvious and serious damage of the package and the products.
  • If the return of the products is not substantiated, Sharp Distribution will be able to reject the customer's request.
  • If the return of the products is justified, Sharp Distribution undertakes to return to the customer the entire value of the goods or to replace them as soon as possible, whichever option is the customer's option.
  • All notifications regarding the packages received by the customer will be made at the time of their receipt, completing the courier's report and sending the request to office@sharp-distributin.com.
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