Our business has a history of 14+ years!

About us

Sharp Distribution stands as a dedicated digital platform, bridging the connection between us and our valued customers. Our platform serves as a space to explore numerous possibilities, from dynamic campaigns to enticing promotions. Together, we embark on a journey to shape the future of beauty and redefine the landscape of cross-border eCommerce.

Our purpose

We exist with a clear purpose – to provide steadfast support to medium and large companies operating within the beauty industry. Our business model is intricately designed to empower and uplift enterprises in this sector, contributing to their growth and success.

In the realm of knowledge, a common saying asserts, "We've seen it all and done it all!" However, such a sweeping statement does not encapsulate our perspective on the past and the diverse experiences encountered in our business journey. To us, each experience is distinctive.

Throughout our years in business, we've encountered a myriad of situations, each possessing its own unique character. From navigating losses to unraveling seemingly insurmountable challenges and grappling with disappointments, we've garnered valuable lessons. Yet, it's in embracing both the favorable and unfavorable moments that our company has evolved into the resilient entity it is today. The richness of our journey lies in the multifaceted experiences that have shaped us, contributing to the dynamic and adaptive nature of our business.

What our Customers say

“The dynamic discounts give us an edge over other distributors in our market. Deliveries are always on time, and the items arrive in great condition. Wholeheartedly recommending them!”

Anonymous, General Manager @ Wholesale Distribution Company, EU

“Their Fast Delivery Program has become our go-to for any fire sale campaigns. Stock arrives very fast, and they always resolved any questions or concerns that we had.”

Anonymous, CEO @ Online Beauty & Care Store, EU

“They have the largest stock of quality perfumes from all of our partners, and have helped us increase our offer significantly. Great service!”

Anonymous, CEO @ Brick-and-Mortar Perfume Retail Chain, Saudi Arabia

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